Haifa Al- Jazira

1:- Mall of Arabia Jeddah:- (Carpentary work & indoor decoration)
2:- Noor Mall Madina:- (Plumbing & FireFighting)

Technical United

Truck Car scanning project Saudia borders (Electro mechanic & installation equipment)

Binladen Allied Builder CO

Prince Noora woman University Riyadh (Firefighting & plumbing)

Haifa Al- Jazira

1:- Aziz Mall Jedah:- (Electrical, plumbing, & firefighting)
2:-Dhahran Mall Extension (carpentary work & indoor decoration)

EC& G Spark

Truck Car scanning project Saudia borders (Electro mechanic & installation equipment)

Arabian Bemco

Power Plant Hail (cooling system) Pipe Fitting , Steel erection, welding) Power Plant Juba (cooling system) Pipe Fitting , Steel erection, welding)

Truba Arabia

Shoiba power plant (steel erection, pipe fitting)

Arabian Bemco

Madinah Bulk Plant project (installation of electrical instrument)

Steel Case Jerasy

Steel Case Jerasy factory (installation equipment)

Al Hokair

Sahara Plaza (Carpentary works Gypsum board partition indoor decoration) khurais plaza Riyadh (Electro mechanical work)

Saudi Binladin Arabian Bemco

Power plant #09 PP-9 Extension

Grand Silos flour mills organization TKT

Upgrading Buraidha A. – Mill Project D-Mill Riyadh insatallation equipment

Saudi Binladin Group Arabian Bemco

SCESO PP-9 (Power Plant-9) installation ofLV, MV and control cables in open trench, duct bank and in underground tunnels. (Aprox. One million meter cable laying). And Large Nos. of Termination of LV and MV cables, testing and commissioning.

Al- Seif Engineering & Contracting Est.

P63 – MODA Housing Project, Al-Hariq (carpentry, gypsum board partition & indoor decoration) P74 –Al- Tameer Shopping Center, Batha,Riyadh (electro mechanical works) P942 – Kingdom Center project (Tower), Riyadh (carpentry work indoor decoration)


Dawadmi Sewage Disposal Project. Sewage Treatment Plant & pumping station.


Assir Desalination & power plant: (installation equipment)

KHD Humbldt Wedag

Hafuf 4th extension cement plant (equipment installation)

SST Saudi sadelmi Technical Construction Co.Ltd

Steam Power plant,Rebegh

ASEA brown Bover ABB

ABB Factory


SABIC R &D PP CAT Plant: Supply, installation &commissioning of process Control System Belleli Saudi Heavy Industries Ltd., jubail

MODA Ballast Nedam,

Ballast Village,(compound renovation) Air Base facilities : (supply, installation &commissioning of mechanical &HVAC system)

Tamimi Group of Co.

Saudi Aramco’s East- West Pipe line pump stations MODA Housing Project Carpentry


Metro Project (Plumbing, Fabrication)


Water Technologies (Equipment Installation, Welding, Plumbing)

SLC (Saudi Lighting Company)

Lighting Factory(manufacturing and implementation of electric equipment)